Updated: Aug 27

Bearded Irises are a must-have in the garden. These gorgeous and sophisticated Spring perennials doesn't require much maintenance- leave trimming during the Fall and clump divide every few years. They are also deer resistant but slugs love them though however. Whenever it rains, its almost a guarantee to see some on leaves. The blooms are stunningly beautiful and some varieties like Champagne Elegance have nice fragrant scent.

I think the downside to bearded irises is that the blooms don't last long at all. When designing, I usually cut the stems in the morning and use them in the afternoon. Sometimes they will just last for that day or the next and that's it! Of course if you harvest them when they're closed and keep them in the cooler, they will last a bit longer but I like to keep them in bloom as long as I could in the garden.