Updated: Aug 27

Peonies are one of my favorites to grow in the garden. Very minimal maintenance, are pretty much pest free, and produces gorgeous big blooms once they're settled. Right now we have 8 different varieties in the garden with 6 in bloom this year. The other 2 varieties which I'm super excited about should bloom next year if not the following year. Majority of the plants were bareroots planted directly into the ground. It was a little intimating at first to plant them, too deep and it will affect the blooming and too shallow will affect the plant during winter. Luckily it seems like I got them planted right as they survived the cold snap earlier and bloomed beautifully in the garden.

When it comes to designing with them, one of my favorites are Coral Charm peonies. (Picture 1) As the blooms get older, the colors start to fade. If you time it right, you can get some pretty amazing color palettes. One very surprising discovery I encountered this year- Sarah Barnhardt (Picture 2) also fades in color if you leave the blooms on the plants longer. I've used many commercially grown Sarah B's before and they've always kept their color and never faded. The Sarah B's in the garden bloomed for the first time this year and I kept them blooming a little longer. I noticed they started fading into this very beautiful light blush, almost like Shirley Temple peonies. Absolutely stunning!